Monday, June 1, 2009

If at first you don't like the answer, ask, ask again!

I received a question that sounded really familiar. I sat there thinking, wow, a LOT of people from Germany are looking at my items. Then I thought, wait, maybe same person, two of my items?? Um, wrong, super wrong, crazy wrong.

cann you send to Germany?

[insert buyer's name here]has sent a question about :P&P for item #260418220788
Received: May-28-09

can you tell me Shipping to GERMANY
Thank you

You've received a question from [insert buyer name here]about your eBay item #260418220788
Received: May-29-09

Apparently this buyer is either suffering from short term memory loss, or s/he didn't like my first answer and wanted to see if it would change, or the funnier thought I had - this buyer was trying to trip me up and see if I gave two different answers. And before anyone asks, I replied to the first one with the shipping quote in it. I replied that, yes, I can ship to Germany, but since the item weighs 11 pounds and is traveling halfway across the globe, it's going to cost ya a pretty penny, and really, aren't you better off buying new in town rather than paying $75 to ship the thing, anyway?? Because it's a silverware chest, not some one-of-a-kind thing.

Since I tend to envision buyers being up to something, I am leaning towards "Didn't like the first shipping price so trying to trip up the seller."

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