Friday, March 27, 2009


Amazingly, I have kept the following emails/questions for 3 years. This guy was downright crazy. I reported him to eBay more than once, because he wound up stalking my auctions, with 3 different accounts. Lovely, eh? But 3 years later, I can laugh. Heck, I laughed at him at the was too insane to not laugh.

Background: I was selling a ceiling fan that had hung in my mom and dad's kitchen for about 4 months during a remodel, it was an intermediary fan. I was extremely clear about that in the description, and that it sat for a few years in a box in the basement. When asked, I supplied the model numbers, etc, but the brass stamping was difficult to read. This one buyer decided to get really, REALLY picky, and here's the emails back and forth:

Can you look on the tag near the light and get the model number and serial number off it as well as the name of the fan? I cant find the number you posted, but there should be a name as well. I dont want an import casablanca fan. Can you use a wall mount control or only pull chains or does it have an intell-touch switch with it?

My reply (I forgot the 1 in the CB number):
Aren't all Casablanca fans from the US? This isn't a knock off, if that's what you mean. My parents, who owned this fan, don't buy knock offs. The serial # is C6260619 and there is only one other number, it's called CB on the tag, and is 4112D - maybe the D is a 0? It's hard to tell on the tag. There is no name on the tag - is there another place that the name could be? This was controlled by a wall mounted switch in my parents' home, or it can be controlled by the chains. They had a fan adjusting switch as well, not just the on/off switch. These are not included, as they purchased them separately and used thm for the replacement light fixture.

His reply:
Yes casablanca do import a line of fans under there name but this is not one of them. Based on the serial number you gave me, its either a 1993 or a 1997. Because you must have one digit wrong. Its basically a pull chain light unless you special wire it with an extra hot wire, not what I was looking for. It was one of there less expensive fans though.thanks glen Hopefully, someone will out bid me!

It's a 1997. That's when my parents redid their kitchen the first time. I guess they just have a good electrician? I know they had it connected to the wall switch...

I dont know hwat kind of switch they used? You can connect just the light to any switch on the wall but then you would have to use the pull chain to operate the fan, just like any cheap fan in home depot. I doubt they paid an electrician to pull a three wire to the switch. If you do that , you may as well buy an intell-touch fan, because with that fan and switch, you can make the fan do anything with the existing wiring. Not that its that hard to pull a three wire, but if its a kitchen and you cant get to the ceiling above, you may as well forget it. Based on what you just confirmed about it being installed back in 1997, its a bit older than the four months you stated in the add? If you want to see the import casablancas, look at the e bay for them selling for about 100.00 new

It only hung for 4 months. It has been in storage for a while. Since it was installed during a remodel - expansion, the switch had 2 parts. There was the light on-off, and a turn-dial fan control - for on-low, on-medium, and on-high. I know this mainly because I was impressed by it, and also because the replacement fan there has the same switch. I wil definitely look up the imports, I didn't know there were any! As for the inference that this is just 'any cheap fan from Home Depot,' I'm a little surprised that you're saying such things to a seller who stands behind her products. I know what they paid, and this is NOT a cheap fan. I am a little upset that you've been nothing but condescending and snide about this whole listing. Why bother even bidding on such inferior goods, as you seem to assume they are? If you're such a stickler, buy new, not used. Maybe you should just retract your bid? Because you seriously don't seem to want this fan. And it feels like I've wasted time on a less-than-serious buyer.

I am a serious buyer, but I like to know the facts about an item. You had one model number posted, and when i asked you for the model numner, you gave me a different number. Plus the serial number you gave me was not correct if you are telling me it was made in 1997. I jusr bought another casablanca fan and paid 6 times what i got on yours at this time, but its a better fan. I just sent two casablanca fans back to the factory to have re built at 200.00 each, but these fans cost me 600.00 each. The fan you have is close to the panama which might sell for about 250.00 new. your fan is a casablanca fan which makes it better than most fans, but its there lower line but better than there imports, even though there import motors also have a lifetime warranty, but they do not carry or sell parts for them at all. Sorry if I compared this to home depot, i am refering to the fact that its a basic fan, not intelli touch. It is possible that a regular casablanca wall switch might work ?

I'm just giving you the numbers that are on the fan, so how are you saying they're wrong? This is what I don't get. I understand wanting information, and wanting the right product, but this is a slightly used, older fan. I've told you everything I know. It's not like a person keeps the manual or receipt from 9 years ago. All I know is their switch had 2 separate features - light and fan controls. And I don't know what else to tell you about the numbers. Maybe where ever you are looking them up is off? I've had that problem on some of the industrial stuff I've sold. It's not like I'm trying to scam people, which is what is seems you've implied, you know? I'll try and get a picture of the label, and search for any other labels. Maybe that would help? I do know it's not Intellitouch or whatever, as my parents never called it that, and they would have. Like I said, in the remodel, they gave the fan to the electrician prior to him wiring the room, so it's very possible he did something special for them. My parents value convenience over price, if you know what I mean. Like I said, I'll look for other labels and get a pic up of the label I used to find the number.

I didnt say you were trying to scam people, but if you knew it was 9 years old, i think people would like to know that. I got the year and model from Casablanca, but your right , they can be wrong but in this case i dont think so. Your answer to someone else before me was posted after you answered him about the model #. Its your answer to someone else, and you told them the model number was 14112D and you sent me 4112D, and when i told casablanca the serial number you gave me C6260619. If this is the number than the fan is a 1993, but if the 6 is really a G than its a 1997. In either case, its at least 9 years old. An electrician would never have altered the fan, if he had any brains. Its possible he did run a third wire to use that control, but if what you say is right about your parents, in that they want convenience over price, thsy would have bought the intell touch, I had the impression this fan was a few months to four months old, not nine years. It maks a difference.

For the record, the numbers/letters on the tag are NOT easy to read - they are pressed into a metal tag, NOT printed. So sorry if I got them a bit off - the 6 and G look alike, and the D and 0 look alike. I never said the fan was new. I said it was USED for 4 months, NOT 4 months old. Obviously I'm not hiding the fact if I'm giving out the information to you. It seems you feel I'm trying to pull one over on you and other buyers. I think I'm taking this auction down for now, I'm done dealing with it.

Again, i never said you were doing this on purpose, but when you say it only hung for four months between a re model, that was the impression i got. As for the numbers being hard to read, yes i know about that as well, But I am just trying to find out about an item, and i am sure you would want to know to if you were buying something. I would have called you if you had sent your number like I do. It speeds up things and maybe you would not have taken this the wrong way. I am sure this fan was in good shape. Just for your knowledge, the newer casablanca fans have a life time warranty on the motor, but i dont think that would because its much older and i think before they started giving that. This is why it was important to me to know the age. I dont ask questions just to be asking and if you dont have the correct information when you try to match up something, you cant get the right answer. Sorry

I have many, many listings I track. This listing became tedious, and the next time that I list it I will do a bit more research. I've sold lighting fixtures before with FAR less problem and information. As for a warranty - warranties are non-transferable. Thus, if you are buying USED, you will not get the warranty anyway. I do not give out my phone number as a matter of course. I cannot believe an under-100 feedback seller is trying to instruct a seller of USED items for over a year, with more than 5 times your positive feedback. It's not good form to criticize fellow sellers, especially if they have a lot of good feedback. I tried hard to answer your questions. If that didn't meet your satisfaction, you could have NOT bid on my item and left it at that. Instead you chose to tell me I was wrong, and proceeded to tell me how to list an item. It's not good manners on eBay. You'll learn that in time. As I said, beware of buying used if you want to still get the warranty - MANY companies DO NOT allow their warranties to be transferred from the original owner.

I have been in sales for years! I also sell under other names on e bay so dont let the numbers on this store fool you!! Many items that have a life time warranty do go to who ever has them. If you need examples, just ask. I give out my phone number on all my stuff because i am not trying to hide anything from anyone and people call to ask qestions all the time, and they appreciate the fact that they can call me. Personally , i wont deal with any on line store unless they have a real address and phone. Now since you put yourself out there to be such an expert on here with far more sales than me, than make your auctions clear, and give models , makes etc next time so no one will need to ask. I am sure you buy all your cars with out knowing the year, miliage or make!! If you dont know that information, just state you dont. I had to drag it out of you!! I always try to be nice, but i guess you dont like questions. Sorry Again!

First off, once a person has bought from me, I am FAR more open with my personal information. I am a mother to two young children, and I refuse to have every buyer on the planet able to call me at all hours. I won't have it. I suppose car salesmen give out there home phone numbers? Sorry that I was under the assumption that you were new - I wonder why you have a new account, though. I am perfectly fine with questions that are, first off, phrased politely. Or that don't address me personally or question my integrity. You were byond rude to me as the emails went along. You acted as though I were hiding things from you. You did not have to drag the information out of me, when I got your first email, I realized I had forgotten to add that to the listing. And I sent it to you. You then told me I was giving you false and incorrect information in an ACCUSATORY manner. You have no right to act as you did, as I was nothing but polite in my emails up to that point. You dragge nothing out of me, I answered every one of your questions promptly, and even offered to send a picture of the tag in question, which you ignored and your reply to THAT email was even more condescending and rude than previously. If you can't behave nicely, you shouldn't type it into an email. Tone is an amazing thing. I wish you much luck in the future with your purchases and sales, and hope that maybe you can treat the next seller with a little more respect and less like a criminal under interrogation.

Sorry you took it that way. You knew you didnt post the model number before I asked for it because someone else already asked it and it posted when you answered it. I asked it again anyway along with the serial number and the model number was different than the one posted. And the serial number was also wrong i gathered after telling you what years it might be, depending on the G or 6. I did not call you anything or use rude language at any time. And i am not a car sales man either. Again, if people asking questions is being rude to you, than make sure you put the normal information so they wont have to ask!! I am a very detailed person and very informative to my customers, on here and when i sell in my place of business which is why they like dealing with me. I would rathere not sell something to someone if its not quality or will work for them. Most of my business is from referals and not on e bay. I deal with people fine and do everything to correct problems. good luck

Ihave a lot of repeat business, so I must not be doing much wrong. I know I had the model number posted after that first question. Then I accidentally mistyped it, I guess, now that I look back at the reply, when I replied to you. I left off a 1 at the beginning. You act as though I was duping you. I did honestly forget to include the numbers at the time of listing. I replied to the 2 questions from 2 different buyers - you and another - about the numbers, and was perfectly fine answering. You are theone who was questioning how I told you it was wired, how old it was (when I never once said it was a new fan), how my listing was, etc. I have done everything to answer your questions, but it hasn't been good enough for you, and that, in my opinion, is unjustified and insulting. You inferred every single time that I was either lying, shoddy, or scamming people. Maybe you include your phone number because you deal better in voice contact rather than email. But you sure came across badly in this interaction. I can see that you will continue to just refuse to accept that you have done anything wrong, and that I am nothing but shoddy, shady, and hiding facts. Then guess what? Don't bid on my items. You are the one who bid BEFORE the asnwer came back from me. It's simple - don't buy things if you don't like it.

lady, you have gotten to the point that you are talking like an idiot!! You keep puttng words in my mouth, in that i accused you of all this crap. Well if you want to believe it than believe it. You want rude.,Screw you !! let it go!! I have tried to be nice and explain things the best way i can, but you wont be happy until I tell you off. Are you happy now? get a life, BYE!!!!!!!!!!

I did reply:
I guess you got the last word. @@

NO, But just like the nut you must be , you had to send an answer just to get the last word in!

Nice, eh? I know I fed into his b.s. but it got to be amusing. I ended the auction early, canceling all bids, because I was just done with him - he refused to retract his bid. I waited a while, and relisted the fan. And then I got this, from guess who:

well, I saw you listed your fan again and sold it again but never included the correct information in the add. I saw it when you listed it and could have bided again if i wanted to. I now know that all the BS you were telling me about that you forgot to add the model or real age etc was just a lie!!!

Please do not contact me again, or I will report you for harassment. I was honest with my buyer, and you do not need to be involved. You could not have bid, as you are on my blocked bidder list.

you did not put the model , year etc like you said you mistakenly forgot to put last time. So Now i know you did it on purpose. I could have bid very easy, but I felt you were not one to buy from. What you said was a threat, in case you dont know. bye

And then I reported him. And all of his multitude of accounts. It was lovely. I also gave his username to my online friends. Which was lovely as well. They all asked him umpteen million annoying, stupid questions. Beautiful.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Delivered So Fast, It's There Before You Paid!

I got this gem yesterday:

Has this item been shipped?

Now, normally I wouldn't call this a stupid question. Except here is the time the auction ended:

End time: Mar-23-09 13:06:47 PDT

And here is the time that the question was sent:

Tue, 3/24/09 6:32 AM

Ok, that's less than 24 hours after auction end that the buyer is already bugging me about shipping the item. I'm not a magician. I don't automatically ship an item the instant the payment clears my PayPal account. Heck, my postal pickup time is at 11:30 am, so there was no way it could have shipped before 6 am anyway! Not to mention that my auctions clearly state that I will ship items within 3 business days of receipt of payment!

How high maintenance is this person? "How do I look?" "Um, you look great with mascara on one eye." "How do I look NOW??" "Uh, fabulous?" Hey, buyer, get a life! Want to know when to email and bug a seller about when they shipped an item? When it's been 10 days and you haven't received the item, that's when!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tales of the Weird

A friend of mine sent this to me, so I don't have the exact wording, but it's too funny not to snark on it!

She was selling a pair of sweat pants, and she had a buyer who asked what the inseam was. On a pair of sweat pants. Seriously? I mean, I get the tall person thing - I'm a tall woman, I buy talls when I can. But I also know that uh - sweat pants generally do not come with inseam measurements. Nor do they come with a waist measurement. Because of that whole elastic waist thing.

So my friend replied that the pants were just sold as such-and-such size, and not as a waist/length measurement like jeans - and the buyer replied asking her to whip out her tape measure to find out the inseam.

Ok, seriously? If inseam length is this important to you, why are you wearing sweat pants? I'm not against sweat pants, but really, if fashion is this important, then um - find more stylish pants. Or go shop in the petite or the tall catalog.

And really, don't most sweat pants have elastic ankles? Aren't they pretty much self-adjusting anyway? If they're too short, they're crops - too long, they're bunched up. End of story. Get over it. They're a 99-cent bid item on eBay, and, once again, they're SWEAT PANTS.

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Easy as 1, 2, .... uh....where was I?

I know we're not all mathematically gifted. And counting to higher numbers can be tough. However, if you're going to try to catch a seller in a "lie" you might actually want to be sure you know how to count to 100 correctly. This little gem came from a listing of mine. Here are the pictures from the listing:



It's a boring enough, simple enough, little item - just a chore chart for kids. It's a simple board with magnets, right? Yes, well, here's the question I got:

Hi, You've described that in your auction there is over 100 pieces, but looks like there are some pieces missing. I counted all the pieces that you've had and it looks like there is 80 pieces, not 100. Can you please clarify that for me? Thank you

Seriously? Someone shopping on eBay first off, has enough time to count the tiny magnets in the picture, then enough time to email the seller and bother them? If you feel as though I'm trying to pull one over on you, here's a hint: Don't Bid. Simple, right? Also, if you're going to be petty about the details a seller includes, learn to count properly. Also realize there are two pictures. And there are magnets on both sides of the board.

My reply, which, trust me, is as nice as I could manage:

There are actually 102 pieces on the item, plus the board itself, so 103 total - there are 7 progress magnets per style, and 10 styles. So there's 70 pieces right there. Then there's 10 reward/finish pieces per style - so 80 now. Then there are 18 pre-printed goal magnets, 98 total now, and 4 blank goal magnets (they're white, so hard to see) so that's 102 total. Add in the board itself, and you have 103. That's over 100 pieces.

Really, buyers, why the need to play "Gotcha!" games with all sellers? We're not all out to get you. Some of us are just honestly selling some of the stuff our family barely used in hopes of making a little extra money to cover the bills. I almost didn't reply, because I was just plain insulted. I wanted to reply, "Ok, just don't buy it then." Once I started counting, though, I was laughing so hard that I knew I had to reply, and I knew I had to post the question to my listing for all future viewers to see. And this blog was also born.

What do you get if you ask a stupid question?

Most people know this adage.

"Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer."

In my case, if you ask me a stupid question, I'll treat you to a heaping helping of sarcasm. Period.

I am an eBay seller. As such, I receive many, many questions about my listings. Some are perfectly harmless, polite, and even intuitive questions. And then there are the insulting, annoying, and just plain stupid questions.

And that's where this blog was born.

Feel free to submit your own stupid questions - I'll be happy to snark away at your own stupid buyers!!!