Friday, April 3, 2009

Attention Buyers: Sellers HATE This!

Ok, this might sound really picayune, but sellers hate having a buyer request feedback. We loathe it, in fact. We will leave you feedback. A lot of us have a system for leaving it. I generally leave feedback all at once, or when a few people leave me feedback, I will go and leave them feedback. Buyers who pester me to leave them feedback annoy me, and basically wind up making me determined to never leave a feedback. This ext example if from a friend who is also a seller. It's not only a perfect example of feedback that is annoying, it's also a stellar example of our education system:

ood afternoon tyvm for the sweater and the pants plz leave me a feedback as i lefted you a feedback . have a great evening

There are no words. Lefted? No capitalization of "I"? Text messaging, or just ignorance? You make the call!


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