Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Got to Love This One...

Might not be stupid, per se, but it's still lovable and irritating in the extreme.

Hello, On 3/23 I won this Minolta Konica Z6 camera from your auction. I have discovered that when i put the Menu on SET UP setting in all modes I cannot operate any of the functions in the dropdown menu. When I first discovered this I thought the function might be limited to only a few selected functions but in reading up on it it applies to all functions. In the meantime, I have just started operating the camera and all setting adjustment functioning is lost in the setting I have described.

I would like to return the camera for a refund as it was described as in excellent condition. Please inform me as to what you would like me to do.

First off, I have no idea what in the world he's talking about. His description of the problem is so hard to understand, it's laughable. I'm getting something about menus. He's reading about it. Uh, ok. To me, it sounds like he's either dropped the thing, and wants to return it, or doesn't like it and wants to return it. Because the moment it left my hands, it was in perfect working condition. And if it's not working now, it's either user error (fairly likely if you ask me. Since he seems to be able to read, barely, he should look up the user manual online and try that angle), or shipping problems. Both of which? Not my problem.

It's always amazing to me that the first instinct of the buyer is to blame the seller - hey, you lying beyotch - you lied and sold me a faulty camera so give me my money back!

Which is grossly unfair, seeing as I know the thing was working the day I packed it (very well, I might add) and shipped it. So either the postal carriers drop kicked it left and right, or he's not the brightest bulb in the package (which, gee, seeing how well written his description of the problem is, how could that be??), or he dropped it/doesn't like it and just wants his money back.

Not happening.

Oh, I did suggest he try a factory preset reset. Which, hello, is probably the problem. Let's see what I get in response, eh? I await his reply with baited breath.

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