Thursday, April 23, 2009

Schizophrenic Buyers are EVER so Delightful!

Right, delightful.

A buyer of mine bought a blender on March 17, paid for it promptly. I shipped the next day. I get an email about 2 weeks later, where is it? Ok, yeah - that's weird. I track it - um, it's coming BACK to me. I send her the tracking result, and show her that I put EXACTLY the address she has in the system on her package, and she replies, yeah, I have that problem sometimes.

WHAT? You have that problem?? Then, um, fix your address???

So we have to wait for the stupid thing to meander back to me, and for me to find out I have to pay, AGAIN, to ship. And I asked eBay if it was ok for me to request she pay for that. They said yes, it's her fault. So I send her a request for the second shipping fee. NO response.

Then this week, on Apr 21, I get the following:

i still have not recieved this item it has been over a month now and nothing.. since march 17 i have ordered a total of eight large items similar to this one, all to the same address with no problems. They have all arived.. please let me know.

UM, hey psycho? We've already covered this! DUH. Seriously, can some of these people not even keep their purchases straight?? Are they really buying this much crap online??? And they get pissed at sellers....

So I reply, explain to her, even forward the emails I sent about the money for shipping - and she says, you know what, let's just go for a refund of purchase price, etc. Ok, fine.

SHE LEFT ME A NEGATIVE. WTF?? It's HER damn FAULT. That's bs. Just so wrong and sick and stupid, I can't even get over it....

I wish I hadn't sent her the refund, now...

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